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Play in the Field of your Ideal Future

Play in the field of your Ideal Future
Coach Moses is accepting clients for Wellbeing Sessions.

Is this you?

  • play_arrow Feeling bad and guilty...

    ... about something you said or did, in your relationship or at your workplace.
    You want to be able to move on from that disempowering shame.

  • play_arrow Tried everything...

    ... to work your way into the career of your dreams, but luck is not on your side.
    You want to be a success.

  • play_arrow Giving yourself a hard time...

    ... about the way you look, or the way you express yourself, or the way you live your life.
    You really want to relax your self-critical mind.

  • play_arrow Wanting to quit that habit...

    ... it might be smoking, it might be gambling, it might be gratuitous sex.
    How to change the self-sabotaging patterns of a lifetime?

  • play_arrow There must be someone out there just for you...

    ... but where? You are tired of the meet-ups and the dating sites and TV nights alone.

  • play_arrow Ready to try something new...

    ... you have given it all you have, and still, the goal is as unreachable as it ever has been.
    You are ready to try something new.

  • play_arrow Wanting to find a different way...

    ... Move ahead
    With Coach Moses

Coach Moses can help

Coach Moses

Based on the Ken Wilber Integral Model, trained in the GROW Cycle, Group Coaching and Mindfulness, Coach Moses has many years of experience helping people find their inner power.

How I work

"I engage with my clients so they feel supported and encouraged to communicate their struggles. And I listen.

I support my clients to get clarity in what they want - and to be willing to explore what’s in the way.”

"My coaching inspires clients towards undertaking their next steps by recognising, honing and applying both their will and their skills.

And they then get to play in the field of possibilities – of what and how they can take their next steps towards their desired, ideal future.

And I support them by holding them accountable for taking the next steps."

"My style encompasses subtle skills of engagement, acceptance, empathy and humour."

Coach Moses Offers Wellbeing Coaching


Is the state of realising and living our inherent capacity to fully accept and enjoy life.

Wellbeing Coaching

Is a sequence of reflective engagements between you and your Wellbeing Coach that allows underlying patterns of behaviour to surface. Once the pattern reaches the level of consciousness you are supported in breaking that pattern to improve your state of wellness.

Wellbeing Coaching supports all the coaching themes listed below.

label Career coaching
label Life coaching
label Business coaching
label Relationship coaching
Awareness plus appropriate action equals improved Wellbeing
Awareness plus action

The essence:

The essence of my coaching is to enhance the awareness, skills and learning ability of my clients.

A Wellbeing Session involves effective questioning, giving feedback, and motivating.

Wellbeing Sessions

  • info I am located in Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • info I engage with individual clients face-to-face or via Zoom or Skype
  • info 1 hour sessions are booked individually, or in batches of 7, 9, or 11 sessions
  • info Please enquire about current pricing


A session is primarily through dialogue.

I create movement by asking the questions that need to be asked, and holding the space for the answers that need to arise.

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Allow your potential to be seen
Allowing the potential